Which Couples Resort in Jamaica is the best?

Couples Resorts in Jamaica have long been our most popular all inclusive hotels for couples-only. Sporting an all inclusive package with more inclusions than anyone but Sandals, Couples Resorts are a great value for the nightly rate.

Couples Resorts Jamaica

So which Couples Resort is best? Which has the best beach? The best nightlife?

We have your answers right here!

What are the Couples properties in Jamaica?

  1. Couples Swept Away
  2. Couples Negril
  3. Couples Tower Isle
  4. Couples Sans Souci

Which Couples has the best beach?

Here is our ranking and we’ll explain the rationale behind it:

  1. Swept Away
  2. Negril
  3. Sans Souci
  4. Tower Isle

Couples Swept Away takes the crown for best beach! The reason? The resort is in the heart of Jamaica’s famous 7-mile beach and is in a prime location. Since the hotel is located on the west end of the island, the sun sets right into the ocean every evening! The ocean is also the best at Swept Away. With water as clear as a swimming pool, you’ll enjoy seeing fish and sea life swim right by as you soak in the calm, Caribbean sea. It’s one of the few beaches where you can sit in the water with a cocktail and comfortably chill.

Couples Swept Away Beach

You might ask “so isn’t Couples Negril on the west end and on a great beach too?”

This is a viable question and the answer is yes. However, Couples Negril’s location is on Bloody Bay Beach and there is a strip of land that juts out on the left hand side of the bay. This location doesn’t always have the panoramic view of the sunset like Couples Swept Away does. And for that reason, Swept Away is the winner of best beach. The water at Negril is very calm as well and 2 miles of walkable beach await.

Couples Negril beach

Couples Sans Souci is home to two beaches. The main section of beach is for everyone and the secluded Sunset Beach is for au natural only. The main area is very adequate for the size of the resort and you’ll normally find plenty of space for lounging. The waters of Ocho Rios are not as calm as Negril but are swimmable on most days. Sunset Beach is extremely popular with au natural inclined guests. Don’t worry, this is not Hedonism. It’s a great place to relax in the buff, have a few cocktails, and soak in the Caribbean sunshine.

Couples Tower Isle is at #4 only because of the size of the beach. The ocean is nice there, just not as calm or clear as Negril. Tower Isle has the smallest section of beach out of all the Couples Resorts, but a big plus here is the private island off of the coast for au natural sunbathers. The island has a swim-up bar, historic lighthouse and plenty of real estate where you can find your spot. We’ve never noticed people complaining about the size of the beach, it’s just hard to compete with 7 miles, 2 miles and two beaches. Couples Tower Isle does have the original main pool and also a swim-up bar on the left-hand side of the resort and both with amazing views of the sea and island.

Which Couples Resort has the best restaurants?

This is a tough one…

All of the Couples Resorts feature great dining options and the flavorful cuisine that Jamaica is known for.

Chef Stephan Spath is the Corporate Executive Chef and is responsible for the cuisine at all Couples Resorts. We had the pleasure of working with Stephan in the past on a culinary television show and we’ve witnessed the stringent standards they keep during food storage, preparation and service to the public.

Each resort features a concept of offering an expansive breakfast buffet, an option for a la carte breakfast, a beach grill, expansive lunch buffet, a la carte lunch option, health bar, fine dining a la carte option and main dinner options.

Best Restaurant Venue at a Couples:

The Bayside Restaurant at Couples Tower Isle – This Asian restaurant is located over-the-water at the far right side of the property. You’ll enjoy a stroll through time as you walk along the cobblestone path and through the tropical fauna to reach the hostess stand. The views of the classic main buildings are fantastic and you’ll enjoy the ocean breeze while dining under the stars.

Best Special Event Night at a Couples:

Grand Gala at Couples Sans Souci

The Grand Gala at Couples Sans Souci. A tradition since the resort opened, GM Pierre Battaglia has crafted an amazing celebration of food & wine coupled with an authentic Jamaican cultural experience.

Best Fine Dining Restaurant at a Couples:

It’s a tie between Eight Rivers at Couples Tower Isle and  Feathers at Couples Swept Away.

Eight Rivers is an elegant setting where you can dine on the likes of beef tenderloin, rack of lamb, blackened lionfish, Caribbean style gado gado or stuffed Cornish game hen. Starters include Jamaican smoked marlin, crusted beef carpaccio, Caribbean crab cakes and more!

At Feathers, you’ll get a real taste of Jamaica! Start off with a curry fish cake or seared pimento black pepper crusted chicken breast with sour cream yam mash or a trio of Jamaican seafood, featuring coconut shrimp ceviche, smoked marlin and tequila salmon gravlox on crostini. Follow with a Caribbean seafood bisque or fresh local greens and then choose from the local sautéed snapper, New Zealand lamb loin, filet of tenderloin or the coconut dusted jumbo shrimp for your main entree. Dessert choices are just as tantalizing with the option of Blue Mountain cheese cake, banana rum bread pudding, a ginger candied nut chocolate tart or minted lime panna cotta!

Best Beachfront Lunch Location at a Couples:

The Seagrape Cafe at Couples Swept Away is the perfect spot. With picturesque views of Negril beach and sand so close you can reach out and touch it, this healthy dining stop is the best place to people watch. Choose from fruit and veggie smoothies to sushi to grilled items like the locally-caught red snapper sandwich. This location is an All Inclusive Deals staff favorite.

Best Beach Grill at a Couples:

The Beach Grill and Heliconia at Couples Negril. This grill serves lunch before converting into the white table cloth Heliconia Restaurant in the evenings. Enjoy classic Jamaican jerk chicken, a classic hamburger (or opt for the spicy jerk burger), pan fried snapper, veggie burgers, Jamaican patties or bbq wings.

In the evening, the menu is transformed to include lasagna bolognese, shrimp and garlic fettuccine, ginger & honey glazed salmon, mushroom risotto, lemony garlic chicken breast or grilled beef loin. You can also find tiramisu, a truffle tart and rum chocolate ice cream sundaes here!

Which Couples has the best au natural section?

  1. Couples Tower Isle
  2. Couples Sans Souci
  3. Couples Negril
  4. Couples Swept Away – not applicable since Swept Away does not have a/n facilities

Couples Tower Isle Au Natural

Couples Tower Isle might just have the ultimate au natural setting with a private, 0ff-shore hideaway! Tower Isle is a site to behold. It’s a private island just a short boat ride away from the main resort. And a throwback to Old World Jamaica. With the historic lighthouse flying the Jamaican flag and towering over the waters in between, this is truly a classic setting. Tower Isle is a favorite among repeat guests and the following is unheralded among all inclusive resorts. There is privacy at Tower Isle since the main au natural areas are on the side facing away from the main resort.

Couples Sans Souci Au Natural Beach

Couples Sans Souci is home to the private Sunset Beach! This location is a favorite of those that prefer the au natural experience and Sans Souci runs a close first to Tower Isle in terms of repeat guest rates. Some die hard Couples fans choose to alternate stays between the two resorts.  Sunset Beach is home to a swim-up bar and grill. You really can spend the entire day there!

Couples Negril is the 3rd Couples to offer an au natural section. However, be aware, this is not on the level of privacy that is offered at Tower Isle or Sans Souci. The au natural area is a landscaped area that is situated right on the main beach to the left side of the resort  and with the Royalton Resort nearby. Access to the ocean is in full view of both Couples and the Royalton.

Couples Negril Au Natural

Couples Swept Away does not have au natural facilities.

Some things to keep in mind…Couples is not for swingers. If you don’t want to experience au natural, then not to worry! Au natural is only in the au natural sections.

Which Couples has the best nightlife?

This is another hard one to sort out…Every Couples Resort features an extensive program of daily activities and nightly entertainment. Couples is not the Hard Rock. The evenings usually revolve around dinner, followed by live music and/or a theme night with options for late night at the piano bar or dancing at a resort venue. Some nights are definitely more laid back than others. Sundays are usually the quietest evening. Every resort features special nights such as the Beach Party and Manager’s Weekly Cocktail Event.

Here is our take on the best Couples for nightlife:

  1. Couples Negril & Swept Away
  2. Couples Tower Isle
  3. Couples Sans Souci

Couples Negril has the slight edge because the Cassava Terrace and showroom is centrally located and more people tend to hang out longer for the reggae band that plays most nights.

Swept Away   features a main showroom and then guests move to the Great House for the piano bar and next door disco.

Couples Tower Isle is compact and guests dance the night away at the main stage area, while the piano bar is just steps away.

Sans Souci features the Balloon Bar that goes until the last guest leaves, but nightlife is not the reason to visit Couples Sans Souci. Their Grand Gala on Fridays is the biggest celebration of the week, but many nights are low key. The Beach Bar is where you’ll find light reggae music and the remaining late night drinkers.

Which Couples has the best water sports?

  1. Couples Negril & Swept Away
  2. Couples Tower Isle & Sans Souci

Hands down, the Negril area has the best beach and water. It’s crystal clear and calm, making it great for snorkeling, diving, water skiing, kayaking, Hobie Cats, and more! So the location makes Negril and Swept Away your best water sports resorts. And scuba is included for PADI certified divers. A complimentary resort course entitles non-divers to one free dive.

Tower Isle and Sans Souci have the same offerings in water sports as the other two resorts, Negril is superior to Ocho Rios in terms of water conditions.

Which Couples has the best spa?

  1. Couples Sans Souci
  2. Couples Tower Isle
  3. Couples Swept Away
  4. Couples Negril

Oh the spa at Couples Sans Souci! It’s uniquely tropical and an idyllic setting, complete with the only natural mineral spring and pool in the Couples Resorts’ chain. Imagine an over-the-water stone treatment room with open air ocean breezes! The Spa at Sans Souci has been rated a top spa in the Caribbean for many years.

The Spa at San Souci

Tower Isle has an expansive spa area and even has Oasis Spa Villa accommodations the include unlimited treatments!

At Couples Swept Away, the spa and fitness complex is a separate facility located just across the road from the main resort facility. At Swept Away, an entire day can be devoted to health and wellness. There is a junior olympic lap pool, hard and clay tennis courts, a smoothie bar, and fully equipped fitness center.


Which Couples Resort has the most rooms?

  1. Couples Swept Away – 312
  2. Couples Negril – 234
  3. Couples Tower Isle – 226
  4. Couples Sans Souci – 150

As you can see, Sans Souci appears to be more of a boutique resort, however, the resort is spread along 35 acres of Jamaican landscape, giving it a much larger feel. There is plenty of space to explore and the vistas are exceptional.

Couples Swept Away is the largest, but don’t worry, all accommodations are very close to the beach. The resort is built parallel to the beach on a narrow strip of land and all directly on the beach side of Negril.

Tower Isle is a multi-story resort with elevators and is very compact, so the public areas are very accessible.

Couples Negril is the more modern resort of the 4 but still has a traditional Jamaican feel and was built in the 90’s.


So which Couples Resort is the best?

Well, it really depends upon what you are looking for. The best beaches are in Negril but the best spas are in Ocho Rios. The best au natural facilities are in Ocho Rios, but the best water sports are in Negril.

Hopefully, we have laid out all of the details needed for you to determine the best fit for you and your loved one!

If you have any questions or want to look at packages to a Couples, please contact one of our Couples Preferred Travel Agents at info@allinclusivedeals.com or give us a ring at 833-255-4633. You can also text to (859) 229-3222.