Unique Activities at All Inclusive Resorts

Cave swims, amphibious vehicles, zip-lining, paintball, surf simulators? At all inclusive resorts?  We aren’t kidding! All inclusive vacations continue to evolve and everyone wants to see new inclusions. And the hotels are delivering for you.

Hotel Xcaret is leading the way with all inclusive eco and action theme parks. You can experience unique activities at 8 different locations, all with your one-price-includes-all package!

Zip-lining is a favorite activity for all ages and can cost anywhere from $75/person to nearly $200 in the Caribbean, Costa Rica or Mexico. At the Hotel Xcaret, it’s included! Your admission to Xplor Park is included and admission to all of the included parks and attractions can be worth well over $2,500 for a couple traveling on a 7 night stay.  While there may be so much included that you don’t have time to enjoy every option, the choices are endless!

Yes, that is an amphibious vehicle that you just saw! At Xplor, you have the option of cruising around the park grounds and then entering into the cenote and driving right into the underground river. How cool is that?

Or you may opt to do the stalactite swim instead:

This makes for a very unique experience in the Riviera Maya. Xplor is a favorite on the list of inclusions at Hotel Xcaret since you’ll get to do something that very few people have ever done.

Something we think that is an awesome addition to the resort at Sandals Royal Barbados is the on-property, four-lane bowling alley. This throwback activity is seeing a resurgence in popularity with venues like Splitsville at Disney World and other locations in the US.  Think of it as a luxury diversion as opposed to the smoke-filled lanes of yesteryear.

At the Moon Palace, you’ll get to experience the adrenaline rush of the FlowRider! This surf simulator is popular with all ages and one of the favorites of those “people watching” and waiting for the spills and thrills. You may have seen a Youtube video or two of the best crashes and thrashes on the fast paced waves!

Head over to St Lucia to the Coconut Bay Resort and you’ll find an on-property paintball course.  For just $20 you’ll receive a full play pack to fly right into the action. This is definitely a rush for every participant. Play as a family or join in with new friends from the resort.

And those are just a glimpse into what’s coming at all inclusive resorts! As more people request more inclusions, look for new and exciting additions to make their way to your favorite destination.