Our CEO – A Pioneer In All Inclusive Vacations

 Created by Club Med. Enhanced by Superclubs and Sandals. And promoted exclusively online on one of the first websites dedicated solely to the all inclusive resort vacation.  All Inclusive Vacations.

Tom Carr, CEO of All Inclusive Deals, pioneered the marketing of all inclusive.

Carr began in the online travel business in 1998 with a 10 page website he created with the help of a web design firm in Lexington, Kentucky. The cost? $500 and a lot of learning.

Soon, the travel quote requests rolled in so quickly that a staff started to take shape. All inclusive had been around for awhile, but no one was really focusing on that type of vacation as a niche in the travel industry. Cruises were all the rage and people were still exploring all inclusive as the way to vacation.

As more and more people gravitated toward all inclusive, Carr invested even more resources and energy into creating a single place for the best deals on all inclusive vacations.

Becoming an expert in that type of vacation was pretty simple. Doing it every day and sampling the product on a regular basis made for the development of a one stop shop for information on all things all inclusive.

Carr spent several years contributing to travel industry and media publications in relation to all inclusive resorts and vacations.

Over the years, as the business grew rapidly, Carr’s company became an attractive acquisition target. In March of 2016, Tom Carr exited the all inclusive travel niche for a period of time. With the acquisition of his original business, Carr focused on learning other facets of travel, spending time with family, and exploring educational enrichment.

But the desire to return to all inclusive travel prevailed and Carr assumed the role of CEO at AllinclusiveDeals.com to break new ground in an already crowded field, one in which he had been instrumental in developing.

Carr said “I have so much left to do to help people discover the sheer pleasure of the all inclusive vacation experience! It’s what I have known and become known for. When we first started this journey, it was just a burgeoning field of travel. Now it’s matured a bit, but I still think we can bring amazing value and service to our current and future clients. Focusing on something you are good at will always reap rewards for everyone involved.”

And for that we are very thankful. When you look for the expert in all inclusive, look for an original. Tom Carr, CEO, All Inclusive Deals.