Are All Inclusive Resorts Coming to the USA Mainland?

We’ve long had the Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Florida as the lone example of an all inclusive resort in the USA. While others purport to be all inclusive, you’ll be hard pressed to find a traditional all inclusive resort other than the Club Med property in Port St Lucie.

That was until now…We were recently informed that the Eden Roc Miami Beach is testing an all inclusive package option!

For a limited time, you can experience a taste of all inclusive in the USA! The details are here!

Does this mean that all inclusive resorts are coming to America? In our opinion, it will be many years before the all inclusive vacation concept makes inroads in the mainland USA.

Yes, we have had all inclusive resorts in the US Virgin Islands and previously in Puerto Rico, but this type of vacation just hasn’t existed in the mainland’s tropical regions like it does elsewhere in neighboring countries.

All inclusive in Hawaii?  Not a chance for now.

How good will Eden Roc all inclusive be? It’s just for a limited time so that they can test how it’s received by both the all inclusive vacationer and the non-inclusive guests. Will it be confusing for staff? Is it difficult to coordinate both all inclusive and those paying as-they-go?

We’ll be curious to see if others in Miami consider a similar offering.

What other parts of the country are potential for all inclusive? Florida seems to be most logical, but we could envision Southern California as an option. Locals in Hawaii are really opposed to the concept so we will continue to wait…

We know one thing…the all inclusive experiment has arrived.

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